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Harness the energy of the moon to align with your natural cycle and connect with your inner feminine intuition. Meet fellow wild women and fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Alisha Eden will lead you through a regular yoga, meditation and pranayama practice. The practice will vary in style, depending on the phase of the moon at the time. Some practices will focus on gentle stretches and deeper relaxation, and others will be more dynamic. All sessions are suitable for all levels and abilities, with options to modify or take what you need.

We also gather in Circle at the New moon and Full moon, held by the very talented Sian Peters.  Sian will lead you through some self exploration activities such as journalling, meditation, setting intentions, gratitude practices or letting go practices. Each Circle gives each member the opportunity to be seen and heard.

All yoga sessions and moon circles are held on Zoom.

We connect as a community of like minded souls to carve out that all important time to connect with and nurture your mind, body and soul. The community is held on a private network – outside of social media. You’ll also have access to recordings of each session if you are unable to make it live. These recordings will be available for one week following the live session.

We will also be joined by a special guest each month who will host a topical workshop relating to some aspect of self care or the female experience.

Details of this seasons workshops can be found below.

Membership for Yoga with the Moon is seasonal. We welcome new members at the beginning of a season, and then close the doors and settle in together.

We started YWTM by welcoming new members every moon cycle, but soon discovered that our wonderful members stayed with us cycle after cycle! So we made the decision to create a container that’s an entire season long.

This helps us to develop our yoga practice together, get to know each other, and support each other’s self discovery over several moon cycles.

You are of course welcome to cancel your membership at any time.

We completely understand that sometimes, life happens! And you won’t necessarily know if you can make it to sessions in March, for example. So if something comes up and you wish to leave us, you’re absolutely free to do so without any penalties. And you’ll be able to re-join us again when doors open for the next season if you wish.

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Jenni Kiddle – Registered Nutritionist
Guest Workshop
Monday 11th January

Jenni is on a mission to help women fall in love with food and their bodies, and fall into a state of harmony and balance – naturally.

Fascinated by the body, by the power of food as ‘medicine’ and the principles of functional medicine, she trained at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. She now helps women to escape the miserable diet cycle, to stop feeling crap every day, and to realise that we can feel fantastic and find peace and freedom around food for good.

She’ll be running an interactive workshop exclusively for YWTM members about using food to balance our hormones (yes, really, that’s a thing), and to answer any questions you might have about your relationship with food and dieting.

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Monday 1st February

At Yoga with the Moon we believe giving yourself permission to be creative is an act of self care. The act of creating something allows you to express things you don’t have words for. As well as an opportunity to slow down and just be – it allows your soul to speak.

“The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

We’ll be hosting a workshop where we gift you the time, freedom and space to create and play in a way that you may not have experienced in years. We will invite you  to explore a theme and unravel a part of yourself in a new way.

It is in our nature as human beings to be creative. And if you don’t believe you are a creative soul, this is an opportunity for you to unlearn what you may have been taught in the past about what ‘worthy’ creativity looks like, and simply revel in the joy of exploration. It isn’t about the end result, it’s more about the experience of allowing yourself the time to play.

Simone Stevens – Aromatherapist
Guest Workshop
Monday 1st March

Qualified aromatherapist, holistic healer and crystal enthusiast, Sim has had an obsession with all things magical since she was a child.

Now a qualified aromatherapist, certified in body massage and practicing in natural skincare, facials, crystal healing, herbs and reiki. Sim is an aromatherapy tutor and a practicing green and cosmic witch. Working with oils and herbs to create bespoke blends for clients, as well as having a range of products that harness the healing properties of the oils.

She’ll be hosting a bespoke workshop for our YWTM members in March, teaching us how to use essential oils to support our self care practices, and answering any questions you may have about how essential oils can support your specific needs. Definitely something to look forward to!

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A friendly, safe space in which to reconnect with yourself – your mind, body and soul – as well as connect with others. Strangers who will become friends, albeit remotely!

First time I’ve done something for myself in ages and really value it. Loved last night’s practice so much.

A relaxing and releasing ritual that has benefited me mentally and physically.

A great motivator for self care and a trusted, non-judgemental circle of women.

There were a couple of moments in Yoga where I felt super emotional. I’m really fussy with who holds a class but Alisha’s voice is incredible. I had the best night’s sleep last night that I’ve had in I can’t remember how long. 

A chance to take some time to reflect, set intentions, and be around inspiring people.

What an honour to hear everyone open up with each other. How special that we all feel comfortable enough to share and just be. 

Thank you Queens! That was a really lovely practice and I can feel myself making small improvements which is really rewarding. Thank you also for the gentle encouragement and journal prompts, the process is really helping my head and heart space. Without even realising it, those intentions are manifesting! 

I’m in such a positive state of mind since last evening, smiling all the time! 

I have really enjoyed the sessions. It has given me time to reflect and slow down as the pace of life is increasing again. Highly recommend Yoga with the Moon!

Hi I’m Lish 👋🏻

I’m mostly found barefaced and barefoot.

I married my soulmate & we have a beautiful boy age 4, as well as a Rusty-dog & 3 chickens. We experiment with growing our own fruits & veggies.

I love nature & try to connect with it everyday, either through simply grounding in my garden, on dog walks with my family or on wild adventures camping and climbing mountains. 🏔

I try to live a green, eco lifestyle as much as possible, plastic & littering is a pet peeve. 💚

I’m naturally creative & love experimenting with new crafts, journalling, or generally getting my hands messy. I also enjoy reading. 📖

And of course I love the Moon and her ever changing cycles, energy & magic.

I came to yoga to find some peace and self care – being a stay at home mum I rarely had time for myself, I slipped into a spell of anxiety & depression. I fell in love with the magic of yoga, it changed my life and I REALLY love being able to share it’s magic with others. 🙏🏻✨

You can connect with me on Instagram @eden_alisha

Hi I’m Sian! 

🐺  I keep it real. I’m always striving for honesty and authenticity. I really hate anything fake. I believe that the key to happiness and connection is through honesty and compassion.

🌹  I’m always seeking growth. I wanna learn all the things – all about me, all about you, all about the cosmos and the caterpillar and the microbes in our gut… I am always seeking a deeper understanding, wider context, a new perspective… Let’s learn from each other.

🌊  I ebb and flow like the tide – like the ocean and the phases of the moon. I am not constant. And nor are you. And that is OK. More than OK… that is beautiful.

🌿  We are Nature. The older I get the more I understand that we are an integral part of Nature – not just witnessing it, but intrinsically connected to the earth and the plants and the animals. The more I explore this connection, the more I understand myself, and the more peace I find within me. I invite you to explore it too. Together.

🧜🏼‍♀️  I believe in magic and storytelling. I believe in the power of words and mystery. I believe in fairytales and ghost stories and folklore and legend. I believe there is a lot to learn from the stories we tell – how the history of our people, our families, our cultures, and our own pasts are created and recreated with each telling. How stories blur the lines between what’s real and imagined, what’s true and pretend…

✨  I love sparkles and glitter and sequins. I aspire to live a life where I wear glorious light-bouncing costumes every day. While simultaneously being barefoot in nature.

✈️  Oh! And I once travelled 130mph on the outside of a plane… 😉  Check out my story highlights on Instagram

So tell me about you? What do you believe? How do you love? What do you want to discover, uncover and learn more about?