Our podcast introduces you to inspiring people and ideas that reflect the values we hold as a community. 

Episodes are released sporadically, as and when we feel it is appropriate.

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An Interview with Nutritional Therapist Jenni Kiddle

An Interview with Nutritional Therapist Jenni Kiddle

Jenni is a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a passion and knowledge for all things food and women's health. In this episode we talk about the different ways that nutrition can support women's health, balance hormones, and how our relationship with food holds the...

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An Interview with Aromatherapist Simone Stevens

An Interview with Aromatherapist Simone Stevens

Sim is a qualified Aromatherapist with a wealth of knowledge around all things essential oils. In this episode we talk about the power of plant medicine, how it is trivialised in society in some ways, and totally upheld in others; and the dos and donts of using...

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Hi I’m Lish 👋🏻

I’m mostly found barefaced and barefoot.

I married my soulmate & we have a beautiful boy age 4, as well as a Rusty-dog & 3 chickens. We experiment with growing our own fruits & veggies.

I love nature & try to connect with it everyday, either through simply grounding in my garden, on dog walks with my family or on wild adventures camping and climbing mountains. 🏔

I try to live a green, eco lifestyle as much as possible, plastic & littering is a pet peeve. 💚

I’m naturally creative & love experimenting with new crafts, journalling, or generally getting my hands messy. I also enjoy reading. 📖

And of course I love the Moon and her ever changing cycles, energy & magic.

I came to yoga to find some peace and self care – being a stay at home mum I rarely had time for myself, I slipped into a spell of anxiety & depression. I fell in love with the magic of yoga, it changed my life and I REALLY love being able to share it’s magic with others. 🙏🏻✨

You can connect with me on Instagram @eden_alisha

Hi I’m Sian! 

🐺  I keep it real. I’m always striving for honesty and authenticity. I really hate anything fake. I believe that the key to happiness and connection is through honesty and compassion.

🌹  I’m always seeking growth. I wanna learn all the things – all about me, all about you, all about the cosmos and the caterpillar and the microbes in our gut… I am always seeking a deeper understanding, wider context, a new perspective… Let’s learn from each other.

🌊  I ebb and flow like the tide – like the ocean and the phases of the moon. I am not constant. And nor are you. And that is OK. More than OK… that is beautiful.

🌿  We are Nature. The older I get the more I understand that we are an integral part of Nature – not just witnessing it, but intrinsically connected to the earth and the plants and the animals. The more I explore this connection, the more I understand myself, and the more peace I find within me. I invite you to explore it too. Together.

🧜🏼‍♀️  I believe in magic and storytelling. I believe in the power of words and mystery. I believe in fairytales and ghost stories and folklore and legend. I believe there is a lot to learn from the stories we tell – how the history of our people, our families, our cultures, and our own pasts are created and recreated with each telling. How stories blur the lines between what’s real and imagined, what’s true and pretend…

✨  I love sparkles and glitter and sequins. I aspire to live a life where I wear glorious light-bouncing costumes every day. While simultaneously being barefoot in nature.

✈️  Oh! And I once travelled 130mph on the outside of a plane… 😉  Check out my story highlights on Instagram @sianpeters.me

So tell me about you? What do you believe? How do you love? What do you want to discover, uncover and learn more about?